Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 The sun was shining in Edinburgh today, so what better way to enjoy the sun than with a froyo! Frisky opened earlier this year and it took me a while to try frozen yoghurt. I did not like the concept at first as I thought nothing could be better than ice cream. But I admit, I have been converted to a yoghurt loving freak. This is my absolute favourite place for a sugary treat. The amazing thing is it is fat free, uses raw cane sugar(best of all the sugars out there), pro-biotics and other lovely super foods so it isn't even that naughty. Which is great because it means you can eat lots of it :)
 My favourite at the moment is natural topped with passion fruit, lychees and mango or blueberries. The combination is just an explosion in my mouth. I love it! However, when I first tried natural I did not like it, so for a while mango was my favourite flavour. I would recommend this also, but nothing beats natural as you can go crazy with toppings. I am not a huge fan of the chocolate flavour, I'd rather have chocolate chips on top. It is quite pricey, so it is not an everyday treat, but the portions are large in comparison to what you get with an ice-cream serving, so you get your moneys worth.

It is an all round great place and the staff are super friendly - bonus! If you ever visit Edinburgh, I would definitely recommend this place. Its froyo is far better than the ones I have tried in London and I prefer the atmosphere. Also added amazingness, its open until 11pm, so any midnight craves can be pleasantly satisfied! So, go get frisky!

Here is the website for more info: http://www.friskyfroyo.com


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