Thursday, 18 April 2013


Yesterday, myself and my sister went in search for Indigo.
Indigo is part of One Aldwych Place near the Strand and Covent Garden.
It is quite different to how I imagined from the reviews I'd read. 
I imagined it as a light airy place, very quiet and peaceful, but it was the complete opposite. Nonetheless, I kind of liked it! It had a vibrant atmosphere with lots of people, but I think next time I'd rather go for a drink there, unless I was in a large party then I'd definitely opt for dinner. 
I also think that lunch time has a very different atmosphere so I'll have to give it a try and let you know!

The actual restaurant is on the Mezzane level, but the bar is very visible from the balcony and is buzzing with people after work. If you are one of the busy bees of central London this is definitely worth a try. Furthermore, if you are after a lively, quick dinner (especially pre-theatre) this is a great place to try out, as the food and staff are fantastic. It is on the pricey side of things, but for central London it does not break the bank, with an average main costing between £16-25. However, they do have meal deals such as 2 courses for £19. 

However, I would not recommend this place if you are looking for something more discrete and personal. You can barely hear your own thoughts at the table, but on the plus side the food is nice and the staff are very accommodating and friendly.

Below I have pictured what myself and my sister ordered. 

Pork Belly with Crispy Asian Style noodles

Salad with avo, cucumber, spring onions and prawns.
 Actually this is another thing to mention that makes Indigo unique. If you are a salad lover (and a fussy one!) this is a great place to try. They have a 'Build your own salad' for £9/£16. You can choose from one meat/fish/veg option, 3 condiments, and finally a dressing. If you want to tailor your salad beyond what they have on the menu they are very willing to help achieve your every wish. A great place to try, buzzing, full of life and amazing decor.

 Here is the link if you want to find out more:

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