Sunday, 5 May 2013

Today is Greek Easter Sunday. As I am stuck up in Edinburgh my parents decided to come up and celebrate with me for an unconventional Easter Sunday. Usually we have a table full of heavy foods such as lamb, magiritsa and tsourekaki and lots and lots of family. I'm sure you have all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just imagine that. But today we celebrated differently, with the fruits of the sea, 'Fruit De Mer' to be exact. I chose to go to Ship on The Shore, in Leith. I have been reading about this place for about a year, but because it is out of our 1 mile Edinburgh bubble I never took the opportunity to go. Well, I had been missing out! I can safely say I now know why it was coming top of all the reviews. From the staff, to atmosphere, location and ultimately food phenomena! This must be on your list of places to try if you love seafood or are a foodie.

It is a beautiful restaurant, that looks more like a pub, but has a very chilled and friendly atmosphere. My favourite kind of place, not pretentious or pompous. Just fantastic food, sensational service and an amiable atmosphere. (And yes I did try and use alliteration for these words as best as I could remember from my school English lessons.) As I walked in the first thing that caught my eye was the seafood platter, better known as 'Fruit De Mer'. My eyes were fixated on it until we were led to our table. 

Scallops on the Fruit De Mer

Oysters on the Fruit De Mer

Luckily, my mum, sister and myself opted for the Fruit De Mer 'Royale' - Oh yes terribly posh!  It was an astounding array (ooo alliteration again!) of shellfish. We had everything from langoustines, lobster, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, oysters, clams, razor clams, mussels, scallops, crab and mackerel. With sides of chips and salad, not to be forgotten! Very crucial part of the meal. My mouth is just watering by rewriting this, and I am stuffed at the moment!
Fruit De Mer Royale - In all its glory
Everything was amazing. I especially liked the razor clams and the claws of the langoustines (far nicer than crab ;) ). It comes served cold over ice, but there is a warm option if you aren't too keen on cold shellfish. They also have smaller and cheaper options if you still want to try some but not make a hole in your wallet. The great thing is they have all sorts to choose from, and if someone in your party isn't a fishy one, then they have other options such as steak! Which looked good from the sneak peak I got from the table behind us.
Its Alive!!!
 I have to mention that today I tried my first raw oyster, and boy was it an experience I won't forget. I did not know that you are meant to just swallow them whole and not even chew them. Unfortunately, it was one of the worst things I have put in my mouth. It felt like a slimey blob sliding down my oesophagus. (If you would like to experience that moment stay tuned as I will get a video up as soon as I sort my blogger out!). However, if you like oysters they looked incredible. I just shan't be swallowing one again any time soon. Very unlike me to not like a food!

 Anyway, aside from these shenanigans it is a brilliant place to go. As for pricing I would say it's medium - high priced, with the Fruit De Mer costing between £60 - 90 for 2-3 people. But for the quality of food and quantity it is well worth it for a special occasion! I would definitely recommend this place in the summer as well as they have some nice tables outside to sit by the mouth of the river. Leith is a gorgeous part of Edinburgh that I would love to go for a drink when the weather gets warmer. 
 If you have your car or your bike get on it and go to Leith!


  1. i love the impersonation of mr bean!

    1. Yeah it was similar to when he is at Gare du Nord and tries to hide the steak tartare and the oysters