I thought I'd add a page to recommend other food blogs that I can't keep my eyes off. You can never have enough food porn!


This is a great little blog, primarily vegan, but even if you are not vegan it has some great easy and simple recipes that taste amazing! Especially smoothies! I have become obsessed with having a smoothie with breakfast recently, so I am trying to widen my knowledge on this! So even if you like a big fry up, why not have a superfood smoothie with it too! And she takes awesome photos!



For those of you that are trying to be health-conscious this summer, but also still have a BIG LOVE for food (like me) then this blog is actually really great to have a read through, even if you don't go to the classes. They have lots of recipe ideas and cool little articles to have a read through, and its not like those fad diet sites that talk rubbish!



This one was just sent to me by a friend and I literally got so excited that I can't stop smiling like I have a hanger in my mouth.

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