Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hands down this is my favourite thing in the whole wide world, and everyone who knows me knows that. My friend recently sent me a seductive link of a chocolate roulade being made that I just had to share for any other chocolovers out there. Nothing like good food porn on the weekend.

Due to my obsession, I wrote a little piece about it and how I sometimes (well most of the time) get carried away. Do excuse the obvious connotations, but it was definitely a laugh writing this. 


Ah how this word bears the baron of my soul. I am obsessed with chocolate and everything about it. Every sense is tantalised. From the wrapper that cradles it to the ingredients that worm their way through your body. I can never resist it  and never know why. The idea of it completely encapsulates and overpowers my conscience. Maybe this is due to the temptation of the pristine packaging, the glistening foil within, or the dark (sometimes light) shiny surface reflecting the light. I don't know. But, every thought of it begins clockworks in my brain. Thoughts are produced too triumphant for me to resist. I know I am close. So close that I cannot wait any longer. I break the seal. As the cocoa begins to run wild, the array of flavors waft  towards me and my mind prepares to take the first bite. It prepares to let go and get lost in the magic. Snap. My ear twitches as I break that first piece, knowing that there is no turning back. As the chocolate begins to melt between my finger tips my tastebuds start to salivate, the idea of eating it makes time slow down. I feel uncertain. What will encompass me? What will be unlocked? The anticipation is too much, I take one last look and... BITE IT! The first crunch sends shockwaves contracting every muscle in my body. But as the wonders are released I suddenly relax and feel somewhat comforted and alive. As it swirls and coats its cave the rest of my body sinks. I forget where I am, what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. All that matters is the sweet bliss being created. The 600 potential flavours start to reveal their infinite possibilities, as my rationality is engulfed. I no longer feel like my physical self, but a spirit exploring a whirlwind of sensations. But it doesn't last long. It starts to fade. The only thought that enters my brain is to recreate, prolong, this moment. Do it again. So I do. The second time being better than the first. The trance is enhanced and brings new levels of satisfaction. Being human all I want is more. So I keep going, keep elongating the moment. But there comes a point where the love unlocked turns to hatred. Suddenly I don't feel so invincible, but rather broken down. My stomach starts to scream as I continue to force the sugary sensation upon it, “It’s too much, too much!” But I don't listen, I don't care because the memory of that moment is too powerful. The moment where I know what I am about to do. But that's just it. It's only a moment and no more. After that point my body is no longer innocent and pure. It just delves deeper and deeper into the unknown, as it gets swallowed by the deep dark mass of the bean. 

I hope you enjoyed my romantic love story with a bar of chocolate. Despite the bad ending, as with every fairy tale there is a happy one waiting to be told. So have no fear I shall be posting some fantastic things on chocolates I love and recommend, as well as recipes involving it. Over and out :)

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