Sunday, 30 June 2013


"You are a vegetarian?" "Ah it's okay, its okay I cook you lamb!" A great line from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The reason it is so great is because it is actually quite true. I think it was inspiration for my wonderfully weird fatherspinikopita to create his culinary wonder. Staying true to his roots he got very excited when we said we would be up for trying one of his Cypriot specialities - the Kouzi! Similar to the principle of a tagine the meat, potatoes and whatever else you can find from the land is bunged into a big clay pot and sealed with clay. He slaved and slaved away in order to make us this wonderful pot of deliciousness. The best part was after the meal when he realised that the plates he had served on were too large for the dishwasher so he had to get his marigolds on. Tough life.

However, due to his focus on the pot he could not deal with creating an accompaniment so we were recruited to step up to the job! Below is our greek inspired fantastical fan salad. Visually appealing, it really isn't difficult to create. We started with a base of gem lettuce, with spinach and rocket on top. It was then bombarded with mint, parsley, tomatoes and spring onions, before the final garnish of the perfectly sliced avo and grilled halloumi. Finally dressed by a simple lemon and olive oil emulsion. I have to hand it to the Kretin because he slaved over the under-ripened avo in order to try and make it edible. But taste wise this was no success so my only advice is, don't eat an under ripe avo. 

 The creation unleashed.....A proud moment for the fatherspinikoptia.....

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  1. Listis is still good looking !